Premium Membership

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Why should you be a Premium User?

* A Premium User gets 5 votes a day per category as compared to once a day to a free user for 30 days! 

* A Premium User can either vote 5 times for his/her favourite contestant or distribute to other contestants

So don't wait until the last minute. Make your vote(s) count today and be a premium user for only P150/30days


Dont Have A Credit/Debit Card? Not a Problem!

You can be a Premium User by doing the following:

1. Send your P150 payment to our PayMaya # 0916-539-0240.
Here are some of the PayMaya Partners:  which includes 7/11, Smart Padala, PalawanPawnshop, Robsinsons, SM, Welcome and etc. Click this link on to see how to send through each of them. 
2. Send us the Screen Shot of the Reference ID to our Facebook Page
3. If you are upgrading another user, then please send us their facebook URL.

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Group Package for PayMaya: Send P600 to our PayMaya Number 0916-539-0240 and get to upgrade 5 users instead of 4! This is only available for PayMaya, Paypal, Debit or Credit Card. Separate payments will not be considered.

For Group Package for PayPal, Debit or Credit Card, please send us your email at You will be sent an electronic invoice. Once payment is made, send the 5 FB URLs that you would like to upgrade.

User will be upgraded within 4-6 hours after the information above has been sent. 
For any concerns, please message us directly on facebook by clicking here

1. No refund policy. For any concerns, users can instead, extend their premium membership or have it renewed for free depending on the concern at hand
2. Premium membership is non-transferable
3. Prices may change without notice.
4. Upgrades through PayMaya and Group Package will be done within 4-6 hours during weekdays and 6-8 hours on Weekends and Public Holidays
5. A user should have voted first to be registered and can be upgraded. Any lost votes due to non-registration will not be retrieved
6. Avoid duplicate messages to avoid response delay
7. Premium membership will only be for pageants hosted in
8. Load cannot be sent in increments to get a group package.